Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bombers, Lions pay tribute to Richard Harris in pre game commemoration

The CFL paid its respects to Richard Harris on Thursday evening as members of both the home team Winnipeg Blue Bombers and visiting BC Lions gathered as one at centre field, to share a moment of silence in commemoration of the late Blue Bomber assistant coach.

It made for an emotional sight, as the two teams co-mingled in their loss, standing in front of the hushed Winnipeg crowd as they paid their tribute to the coach who clearly meant much to players both in Winnipeg, British Columbia and beyond.



The long time CFL coach, who previously served in positions in both British Columbia and Ottawa passed away two days ago, suffering a heart attack while in his office at Canad Inn stadium.

Since the moment that the shock of that announcement was received across Canada, the tributes and memories of time shared with Richard Harris have grown from a trickle to a volume. Fond remembrances of a giant of a man, who made the CFL more than a professional home, but in recent years adopted Winnipeg as his hometown, spending the full year in residence in the city.

In a league that at times exhibits gypsy tendencies, with players and coaches dropping if for a short term stay, Harris was a CFL lifer, his stops across the nation, leaving him with many friends, coworkers and admirers.

It's indicative of the impact that he has had both on the league and the city of the many kind words that have flowed since Tuesday's announcement of his passing.

The Bombers of course have felt the loss the most, for them he was clearly more than just a coach or co worker, for some he most likely was a father figure, if not a grandfatherly figure a solid anchor for those new to the CFL.

For others, he was a life long friend, who shared experiences and memories across the close knit CFL family of players, coaches, executives and friends.

The entries in the book of remembrance that the Bombers have provided a link for, offers up just a snap shot of the impact that Richard Harris had far beyond the football field.

As well, over the last few days, we've learned much more about his time in the CFL and the lasting impressions he has provided for all who love the CFL game, his passing was far too early and as you will read in the items below, it still resonates as a shock that was both unexpected and since has been much lamented.

The game that was played in his honour on Thursday, was one that perhaps he would have enjoyed, both defensive squads had big plays that dictated the flow and pace of the game, in the end it was his Blue Bomber defence that created the opportunities for the the Bomber offence to take the win.

An emotional week for the Bombers, commemorated as best they could with a stand out performance under trying times, as a team they were taught well, by a coach they will miss long after the wins and losses are tallied in November.

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