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Quick Snaps Hamilton Tiger Cats - July 2011

Items of note that don't get the full blog treatment, but offer up news and background on the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

July 31-- Ticats President Scott Mitchell on l'affaire de loogie
July 30-- Security Report: Alouettes' Anderson spat at Ticat fans
July 30-- Ornery Jimenez is actually a nice guy
July 30-- Ticats were tough when it counted
July 30-- Stala leads Ticats past Montreal Alouettes 34-26
July 30-- Ticats to file complaint with CFL alleging Alouettes DB Dwight Anderson spit...
July 30-- Ticats hand Alouettes second straight loss
July 30-- Ticats upset Als 34-26
July 30-- A little look back at the Ticats big win
July 29-- Glenn leads Ticats over Als
July 29-- Ticats hand Alouettes second straight loss
July 29-- Receiver Chris Williams proves that speed kills
July 29-- Avon Cobourne, Ticats make no apologies
July 29-- Ticats' Cobourne wins bragging rights
July 29-- Ti-Cats upset Alouettes
July 29-- Ticats vs Alouettes Twitter feed
July 29-- All the Ticats news that's fit to blog
July 29-- Ticats win ugly (but still win) 34-26 over Alouettes
July 29-- Cobourne uses his words to rattle opponents
July 29-- Jamall Johnson puts the hammer in Hamilton
July 29-- First grad from the school of Avon Cobourne
July 28-- Alouettes vs. Ticats Game Day
July 28-- Ticats notebook
July 28-- Ticat takes verbal shots at former team
July 27-- Big things coming from diminutive Chris Williams
July 27-- Baggs: 'God doesn't make mistakes'
July 27-- Stala ponders life after football
July 27-- Alouettes seek return to win column in clash with Tiger-Cats
July 27-- Ticats Stevie Baggs says Bombers coach Richard Harris saved his career
July 27-- Update from a very upbeat Ticats practice
July 26-- Canadian game an adjustment for us Yanks
July 26-- Stala-bration OK with CFL
July 26-- Ticats to Als: Avon's calling
July 26-- Ticat steps into starring role
July 26-- Mann's still out, but Ticats stay connected, philanthropic
July 26-- Defensive test against the best
July 26-- Ticats Mann misses practice, Cobourne Tweets away tickets
July 26-- Update from Ticats practice
July 25-- CFL says Ticats Stala shouldn't have been flagged, Cobourne shares inside info on Alouettes
July 25-- Als expect to have Calvillo back against Ti-Cats
July 25-- Avon gives and receives autographs
July 25-- Total team effort propels Ticats over Lions
July 25-- Ticats sign Canadian receiver Mahoney, drop Kohlert
July 25-- Update from Ticats practice
July 24-- Ticats win in B. C. could be springboard to better things
July 23-- Decisions, decisions for the Ticats and the truth about Vancouver
July 23-- Tiger-Cats out roar Lions 39-31
July 23-- Lions fall to 0-4 after loss to Ticats
July 23-- Ticats win shootout with BC Lions in CFL special
July 23-- Tiger-Cats keep Lions winless
July 22-- Ticats ready to out-roar Lions
July 22-- Ticats at BC Lions live Twitter feed 
July 22-- All the news ahead of Ticats vs Lions
July 21-- Contest with Lions a true test for Ticats
July 21-- Ticats vs. Lions is about revenge
July 21-- Ticats make changes to 46 man roster: add WR Arland Bruce
July 21-- Bruce is not on the block, coach says
July 21-- The news from Vancouver ahead of the Ticats game
July 21-- Tiger-Cat's Marcel Bellefeuille shifts gears
July 21-- Ticat Jimenez: Big, bad and a survivor
July 21-- Former Ticats DB Dennis vows revenge against his old club
July 21-- Bruce is not on the block, coach says
July 20-- Bruce leads Ticats in the bizarre
July 20-- Medlock honoured for perfect toe
July 20-- Ti-cat: This heat? Piece of cake
July 19-- Ticats' Johnson no longer a CFL secret
July 19-- Community football coaches key in fostering and developing...
July 19-- Injuries not expected to hamper starters
July 19-- Jimenez trying to leave hit in the past
July 19-- Former Ticats player pleads guilty in steroids case
July 19-- Matechuk had liquid steroids
July 19-- Marcus starting to figure things out
July 19-- Ticats release DB Dennis in a 'better is better' move
July 19-- Former Ticats player pleads guilty in steroids case 
July 18-- Ticats sign defensive lineman Ortiz
July 18-- Yes, the Riders are that bad
July 18-- Former Ticats long snapper pleads guilty to steroid possession
July 18-- Thigpen energizes Ticats
July 18-- Ticats QB Glenn chats up the media while AB3 dodges and other notes
July 18-- Ticats click on all cylinders against beleaguered Roughriders
July 18-- Update from Ticats practice
July 18-- 'Fast, together, physical'
July 17-- Glenn reacts to criticism, has big game
July 17-- Ticats wake up, wallop Riders 33-3
July 17-- Ticats head coach Bellefeuille breaks down win over Riders
July 16-- Glenn's two TD passes lead Ticats past hapless Riders
July 16-- Ticats hand Riders third straight loss
July 16-- Ticats defeat woeful Riders 33-3
July 16-- Riders at Ticats live Twitter feed
July 16-- Ticats scratch WR Mo Mann due to freak injury
July 16-- Ticats earn first win against lowly Riders
July 16-- Ticats good deeds part 2
July 16-- Ticats good deeds part 1
July 16-- Pressure is what you make it
July 16-- Toothless Tiger-Cats look to recover from bad starts
July 16-- Ticats defence playing their cards right
July 16-- Ticats rejig lineup for Roughriders game
July 16-- Offence, defence switcheroo
July 15-- Bruce won't play against Riders
July 15-- Three things to watch
July 15-- Ticats preview and the strange case of ABIII
July 15-- Bruce out Saturday
July 15-- Ticats, Riders look to recover from bad starts
July 14-- Kevin, Quinton or Jason?
July 14-- Ticats do a little tinkering under the hood
July 14-- Dispatches from Ticats practice via Uncle Milty
July 13-- Jackson was wrong about Anthony Calvillo
July 13-- The accidental #Ticats quarterback controversy #CFL
July 13-- Obie not happy with offence
July 13-- Bruce ditches "slave name"
July 13-- Baggs signs autographs
July 13-- The pro footballers working day starts early
July 13-- Hint of QB controversy surfaces in Steeltown
July 12-- The curious case of Runako Reth (aka #Ticats receiver...)
July 12-- With Ticats, misery loves company
July 12-- #Ticats QB Kevin Glenn and son Caleb
July 12-- Former Tiger-Cat and Eagle Ralph Goldston dies
July 12-- Update from Ticats practice
July 12-- Ticats won't panic, but maybe they should
July 11-- Special Delivery: a Ticats Tim Card to Riders territory
July 11-- Bruce is very unhappy with his role... or is he?
July 11-- Cats in must-win mode after tough loss to Eskimos
July 10-- WR Arland Bruce unhappy about his role in Ticats offence...
July 9-- Eskimos dominant in win over Ticats
July 9-- Bad weather in YEG, bad spam on the Scatching Post
July 8-- Tiger-Cats plan to fast track aerial attack
July 9-- Ticats defence get shredded in 28-10 loss to Esks
July 9-- Ticats at Eskimos live Twitter feed
July 8-- Glenn gets chance to bounce back against Eskimos
July 8-- Glenn eager to erase bad Ticats start
July 8-- The hit heard 'round the league
July 8-- Good Glenn, bad Glenn
July 8-- Canadian football shrine looks to the future
July 7-- Table set for Williams to show his stuff
July 7-- Ticats need to get passing game going
July 7-- Bruce looks for redemption against Eskies
July 7-- Rey Williams: Nerves of Steel
July 6-- Thigpen's back on the attack
July 6-- Play of Ticats D a definite silver lining
July 5-- Ticats' Young turns in mature debut
July 5-- Backup pivot Porter has Glenn's back
July 5-- Don't feed this Cat any cheese
July 4-- Quarterback controversy? What quarterback controversy?
July 4-- Decision leaves Ticats coach Bellefeuille facing a tough week
July 4-- Ticats QB under fire in the Hammer
July 4-- A bit of humility certainly can't hurt
July 2-- Marcus Thigpen: A life turn around
July 2-- Bombers get off to the start they  need with Jets back in the 'Peg
July 1-- Interception return sparks Blue Bombers' comeback win
July 1-- Top 10 things to ponder in wake of Ticat loss
July 1-- Ticats off to a rough start
July 1-- Bombers rally past Tiger Cats
July 1-- Turnovers cost Ticats dearly
July 1-- Ticats fall to Bombers
July 1-- Ticats throw one away against Bombers
July 1-- New-look Ticats set to face Bombers
July 1-- Simmons, Ticats set for first test against the Bombers
July 1-- Tiger-Cats look to break streak of mediocrity in 2011 CFL season

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