Thursday, July 21, 2011

He just want's to toss the coin all night and party every day

As the Lions embark on the journey towards hopefully extinguishing their three game losing streak, they have called upon the services of a rock and roll icon of the shock variety to handle the ceremonials duties for Friday night.

The Lions announced on Wednesday that Gene Simmons, of KISS fame and key figure in the Reality TV Family Jewels, will perform the pre game coin toss at Friday nights Lions - Ticats game at Empire Fields.

CTV News-- Gene Simmons to appear at BC Lions game

We're not sure, what impact Simmons may have on the actual game itself, unless of course he's also planning on suiting up and taking a stint as a receiver or DB, but perhaps he's there for the motivational speaking aspects.

To that end, some possible affirmations for the Lions courtesy of the KISS songbook...

Strutter-- Kiss 1974
Nothin' to Lose-- Kiss 1974
Hotter than Hell-- Hotter than Hell 1974
All the Way-- Hotter than Hell 1974
Rock Bottom-- Dressed to Kill 1975
Great Expectations--- Destroyer 1976
King of the Night time world-- Destroyer 1976
Mr. Speed-- Rock and Roll over 1976
Shock Me-- Love Gun 1977
Magic Touch-- Dynasty 1979
Tomorrow-- Unmasked 1980
I'm a Legend tonight-- Killers 1982
War Machine-- Creatures of the Night 1982
Gimme More-- Lick it Up 1983
Thrills in the Night-- Animalize 1984
Get all you can take-- Animalize 1984
King of the Mountain-- Asylum 1985
I'll fight like hell to hold you-- Crazy Nights 1987
Hell or High Water-- Crazy Nights 1987
Rise to it-- Hot in the Shade 1989
In the Mirror-- Carnival of Souls 1997
We Are One-- Psycho Circus 1998
I finally found my way-- Psycho Circus 1998

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