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Quick Snaps Saskatchewan Roughriders - July 2011

Items of note that don't get the full blog treatment, but offer up news and background on the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

July 31-- Stampeders slip past Roughriders
July 31-- Murray's Musings on Saturday's loss
July 31-- Kicker Parades leads Stampeders to win
July 31-- Stamps edge Riders
July 31-- Stampeders hand Riders third home defeat
July 30-- Riders aim to extend that winning feeling
July 30-- Team seeks more
July 30-- Riders, Stamps in sold-out showdown
July 30-- Makowsky keeps rolling
July 30-- Riders' Hugh Charles waits for his chance
July 30-- Cates' status uncertain
July 30-- Stampeders take aim in hostile Regina
July 30-- Rider Pride not melting anytime soon
July 30-- Rider Pride ice cream launches in Regina
July 29-- TGIF: Celebrating a beautiful day in Regina edition
July 29-- Williams catching up to hype
July 29-- Live Chat July 29
July 29-- Anderson accepts CFL's discipline
July 29-- Switcheroo strategies for Stamps, Riders
July 29-- Stamps aim to corner Riders
July 29-- Neufeld fitting in nicely
July 28-- Riders' Shomari Williams more reliable in sophomore season
July 28-- Riders rookie Patrick Neufeld a good fit
July 28-- Riders' Hugh Charles may get another chance at tailback
July 28-- A bright and sunny Thursday report from Riders practice
July 28-- Gene Makowsky helps celebrate launch of Geno's Gridiron Goodies..
July 28-- Riders mourn Bombers coach
July 28-- Willis turning up the heat
July 28-- The truth about gophers
July 28-- Remond Willis getting comfortable
July 27-- Wednesday's happenings
July 27-- And the CFL's response to the Dressler-Anderson incident
July 27-- Cincinnati is in the NBA?
July 27-- Anderson says eye gouge "an accident"
July 27-- Riders mourn Winnipeg Blue Bombers coach Richard Harris
July 27-- Riders QB Darian Durant takes everything in stride
July 27-- Eddie is money for the Riders
July 26-- Emotion a key variable in football
July 26-- Roughriders defence responds to critics
July 26-- Riders' Weston Dressler accuses Alouettes' Dwight Anderson of eye gouge
July 26-- Riders shut out of POW awards
July 26-- Stubler's defensive systems leave opponents guessing
July 26-- Marshall had nervous moment
July 26-- Live chat July 26
July 26-- Riders had no doubts
July 26-- Thoughts on the Riders' ice-breaking win in Montreal
July 25-- No doubt among Riders
July 25-- Riders' Greg Marshall gets first win as  head coach
July 25-- Durant carries Riders to first victory of 2011
July 25-- The airport report
July 25-- Roughriders 27, Alouettes 24
July 24-- Calvillo injured as Riders win their first
July 24-- Roughriders edge Alouettes for first win
July 23-- Montreal heat greets Saskatchewan Roughriders
July 23-- Team feeling the heat
July 23-- Field position hurts Riders
July 23-- Suitor goes old school
July 23-- Riders aim to end skid on road
July 23-- Saturday's Rider report
July 23-- Montreal crowds thinning?
July 22-- Riders have plummeted since 2010
July 22-- Riders set for Patrick's return
July 22-- TGIF: Another Friday edition before playing Montreal
July 22-- Live chat for July 22
July 21-- Thursday's Riders' report for practice
July 21-- What a difference a year makes for Riders
July 21-- Charles may get chance for redemption
July 21-- A wild and windy Wednesday
July 21-- Riders' Luc Mullinder speaks his mind
July 21-- Winless Roughriders release Tad Kornegay
July 21-- Taman anxious to see progress
July 21-- Kornegay's release reverberates
July 20-- Saskatchewan Roughriders place Tad Kornegay on waivers
July 20-- Riders cut ties with Kornegay after slow start
July 20-- Korenegay moving on?
July 20-- That's odds
July 20-- Time for some new blood
July 19-- Critics are still piling on Durant
July 19-- Riders' slide a joint effort
July 19-- Everyone has a fix for Riders
July 19-- Live Chat July 19
July 18-- Musings from Manhattan
July 18-- No free pass for Riders' special teams
July 18-- Struggling Roughriders left looking for answers
July 18-- More questions than answers for Riders
July 18-- Saskatchewan Roughriders looking to regroup ...
July 18-- Offence a concern for the Saskatchewan Roughriders
July 18-- Yes, the Riders are that bad
July 16-- Murray's Musings on a horrendous start to the season
July 16-- Tiger-Cats maul reeling Roughriders
July 16-- Veteran keeping an even keel
July 16-- Riders, Ticats' woes point to league balance
July 15-- Riders, TiCats searching for wins
July 15-- Riders'  Hopson says team needs to gel
July 15-- Riders' Makowsky maintains perspective
July 15-- Riders' Gauthier, Goodspeed tower over offensive line
July 15-- TGIF: The Hamilton edition
July 15-- Simpson has seen similar situations
July 15-- Riders reunite tackles
July 15-- Fine not appealing to Butler
July 15-- Getzlaf good to go in Hamilton
July 15-- Inside the Game: Riders on roll in Hamilton
July 15-- Roughriders chat on July 15
July 14-- Saskatchewan Roughriders' Barrin Simpson has been here before
July 14-- Saskatchewan Roughriders' Craig Butler appeals CFL fine
July 14-- Enjoy
July 14-- A quick report from Thursday
July 14-- Roughriders' offence vows to take pressure off defence
July 14-- Roughriders remain upbeat
July 14-- Give Taman some credit
July 14-- Riders' Getzlaf gets green light to play
July 13-- Riders GM Brendan Taman confident in turnaround
July 13-- That release din't take long...
July 13-- More odds and ends
July 13-- Vegas not high on the Riders
July 13-- Here's what happened Wednesday
July 13-- Rider fans in Fredericton
July 13-- Roughriders' Butler fined for illegal hit
July 12-- Saskatchewan Roughriders sign import receiver James Robinson
July 12-- Back to work: A report from Tuesday's Riders practice
July 12-- Riders add a wide receiver
July 12-- Butler survived rookie initiation
July 12-- Pressure still a problem
July 12-- Riders' woeful start
July 11-- Live Chat on Tuesday (July 12)
July 11-- Saskatchewan Roughriders done in by 'tough' third quarter
July 11-- Roughriders' Durant is a big fan of Montreal QB
July 11-- Road awaits struggling Riders
July 11-- Saskatchewan Roughriders' defence has too many defects
July 11-- Alouettes 'playing with a legend'
July 11-- Riders' Craig Butler glad to have first game under his belt
July 11-- 'Tough quarter' costs Roughriders
July 11-- Green and White set for long work week
July 11-- Durant among Calvillo's biggest fans
July 11-- Bradley shaking off rust
July 10-- Anatomy of the Riders' 39-25 loss to Montreal
July 10-- My new stat
July 9-- Calvillo has career day in win against 'Riders
July 9-- Anthony Calvillo ties CFL passing record in Als win over Riders
July 9-- Greg Marshall talks about the 39-25 loss to Montreal
July 9-- Saskatchewan Roughriders know there's work to be done
July 9-- Cates boosts special teams
July 9-- Huge test for new coach
July 9-- A respected opponent
July 9-- Riders look to rebound against Als
July 9-- Jones returns as an Alouette
July 9-- Marshall's new job was long overdue
July 9-- Riders, Als renew distant CFL rivalry
July 8-- TGIF: The Friday before playing Montreal edition
July 8-- Riders Live Chat July 8
July 8-- Odds are...
July 8-- Gameday Lineups
July 8-- Kitwana Jones returns to Mosaic Stadium as an Alouette
July 8-- Wes Cates contributes to Riders in a special way
July 8-- Roughriders, Als set to renew rivalry
July 8-- Montreal game an acid test for Riders' Grey Marshall
July 8-- Inside the Game: Riders look to rebound against Alouettes
July 8-- Riders look to Willis for speed
July 8-- Dickenson hoping to see improvement
July 8-- Butler may start at safety on Saturday
July 8-- No urgency to push Whitlock into lineup
July 7-- Riders' special teams boss Craig Dickenson looking to make a difference
July 7-- Already near the top, Richardson looking to scale new height
July 7-- Riders turn to Remond Willis for speed
July 7-- Grey Cup rematch ready to roll
July 7-- Roughriders' Kornegay, Freeman and McKenzie return to the field
July 7-- Rouhgriders' Dario Romero the kind of guy you want on your team: Richie Hall
July 7-- Pivotal week for pair of CFL quarterbacks
July 7-- Marshall to be patient with Durant
July 6-- Roughriders' Canadian Air Force 'grounded' for now
July 5-- Opportunity knocks again for Riders' Jason Clermont
July 5-- Tuesday's report on the Roughriders
July 5-- Live chat July 5
July 4-- Riders' good, bad and ugly
July 4-- Riders' Smith and Smith a dynamic duo
July 4-- Riders rocked by Eskimos in home opener
July 4-- Revisiting the Riders/Eskimos game
July 4-- Stats from Riders/Edmonton game
July 3-- Murray's Musings on the 2011 opener
July 3-- Eskimos kick off season with win over Roughriders
July 3-- Ricky Ray leads Eskimos past Riders
July 2-- Hall and Marshall: A tale of two coaches
July 2-- Winner of Esks-Riders first in CFL West
July 1-- Andy Fantuz returns to Regiina for season-opener

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