Tuesday, August 24, 2004

July's Quotabales!

We carry on with our housekeeping as we archive all our quotables from our "Final Snaps" from July.

1-Jul-04 "His attitude is infectious"
2-Jul-04 "We don't view ourselves as an expansion team anymore"
3-Jul-04 "I scooped it up and let my legs do the rest"
6-Jul-04 "You can't spot a team 25 points and expect to win"
7-Jul-04 "Never judge a man by his waistline"
8-Jul-04 "We are projecting a recovery time of late August"
9-Jul-04 "You can play this game as long as you want, but until you have won a championship you can never have total satisfaction"
10-Jul-04 "Can a coach's future be determined in fifteen minutes of football"
11-Jul-04 "I should have got my ass kicked"
12-Jul-04 "I'm just reading defences, trying to make the right decisions"
13-Jul-04 "Don't quit because you can play this game"
14-Jul-04 "Nobody knows they're good until the end of the year"
16-Jul-04 "This team still has plenty to prove before it's removed from the endangered species list of CFL contenders"
17-Jul-04 "Other than all the surgery I have a lot of fun memories of Edmonton"
18-Jul-04 "I had a player late for practice today because he'd just finished up open heart surgery"
19-Jul-04 "I guess the one great thing for us is they're playing on a short week too"
20-Jul-04 "The bandwagon seems to be picking up more passengers at every stop"
21-Jul-04 "I never thought in a million years that I would be living in Winnipeg, Manitoba"
22-Jul-04 "He's a victim of his own success"
23-Jul-04 "You'll still see a bad ball or two, you'll still see something go wrong"
24-Jul-04 "For the most part I was really pleased with him, he never gave up"
25-Jul-04 "He's the guy who's supposed to be making the plays"

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