Monday, August 23, 2004


As I began this blog there has been a nightly feature called the "Final Snap", it was basically the quote of the day from a CFL player, coach or executive. The plan again was to keep a list of them by the month and include it on the blog. So three months later we begin that project and hope to catch up quickly. Unfortunately in both the Final Snaps and the Opening kickoff's some links have gone missing, we regret the inconvenience.

13-Jun-04 "But I wouldn't listen to me."
14-Jun-04 "Protect the chief"
15-Jun-04 "Like it or not, Ontario counts"
16-Jun-04 "But I think for the first time."
17-Jun-04 "The Playoffs are every teams goal"
18-Jun-04 "The League has never enjoyed as much exposure"
19-Jun-04 "Even though I'm a Bombers fan…"
20-Jun-04 "Some days you walk the dog, some days the dog walks you"
21-Jun-04 "One weeks results, do not a season make"
23-Jun-04 "The CFL is, if nothing else, entertaining"
24-Jun-04 "I think they go hand in hand"
25-Jun-04 "Coach Marshall said we'e not here to tune up for next year…"
26-Jun-04 "Whoever coached him, hurt him"
27-Jun-04 "A stench in the trenches"
29-Jun-04 "In fact, some of the guys felt left out"
30-Jun-04 "He's gone far beyond what we expected of him"

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