Thursday, August 26, 2004

Quotables of August

What they said and who said it, the final snaps of August.

8-Aug-04 "Our football club plays hard, I don't think that our record indicates the type of football club we have"
9-Aug-04 "There will probably be something today"
10-Aug-04 "They tried but there wasn't that much they could do"
11-Aug-04 "Sitting back and hoping that things get better is not acceptable. Hope is not a method"
12-Aug-04 "If you want to call us financially prudent, okay, But don't say we're broke, that’s BS."
13-Aug-04 "It was as if a dark cloud had been lifted off the dressing room"
14-Aug-04 "You don't know what your going to get from him"
15-Aug-04 "It's bad, but not as bad as we thought!"
16-Aug-04 "I don't get it, I just don't get it"
17-Aug-04 "I feel better today than I did the day of the game"
18-Aug-04 "Challenges are challenges"
19-Aug-04 "Marcus is real, he's a grown man and he's not getting his feelings get inolved"
20-Aug-04 "I don't have to take sides, I just watched with amusement"
21-Aug-04 "Based on what's on the end of the tape, it's obvious which organization these people are from"
22-Aug-04 "We needed a good outing by everybody, and that's what we got"
23-Aug-04 "It's unacceptable at this level. You just have to be more aware."
24-Aug-04 "That’s not my call"
25-Aug-04 "Internally, we'll have a chat about it before we make any public statement"
26-Aug-04 "It seems like I kind of walked that man's shoes in a way"
27-Aug-04 "that's fine, but we speak with our pads"
28-Aug-04 "we stink"
29-Aug-04 "Everybody's looking for a Ricky Ray"
30-Aug-04 "I have a plan in my mind on how I want this thing to unfold today"
31-Aug-04 "I'm not going to lie to you, it hurts"

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