Monday, August 23, 2004

Looking back thus far!

A bit of site maintenance to be done here. Had planned to make this a monthly feature but somehow got sidetracked. Shall compile the collection of Opening kick off entries on a monthly basis. It's also my plan to put the final snap entries in a similar compilation.

We'll begin with the start of the season and the month of June.

13-Jun-04 Ritchie in the hot seat in the Peg
13-Jun-04 Stamps have many questions
13-Jun-04 Cut down day
14-Jun-04 Leos turn to untested QB for season debut
14-Jun-04 Stameders hope to surprise
14-Jun-04 Ti Cats hope that Marshall has the plan
15-Jun-04 Pringle runs for the record books
15-Jun-04 Stampeders face a long season
15-Jun-04 Avery gets clearance to play
16-Jun-04 Argos have almost the perfect game
16-Jun-04 Dickenson's health is the key
16-Jun-04 Green and Gold and doing what they're told
17-Jun-04 Dunnigan ready to take it all on
17-Jun-04 Another Edmonton era?
17-Jun-04 New Bombers hope to prove their worth
18-Jun-04 Tale of the turf
18-Jun-04 Stamps adjust to Greeneless Riders
18-Jun-04 Tough words in Winnipeg
19-Jun-04 Pressure on the coaches to deliver this year
19-Jun-04 Welcome to Dave Ritchie's doghouse
19-Jun-04 Revenge is best served cold
20-Jun-04 Maritimers ready to explore the elusive 10th franchise
20-Jun-04 Keeping the finger off the panic button in the peg
20-Jun-04 Ti Cats ready to show they're for real
21-Jun-04 Stamps savour first win of the season
21-Jun-04 Renegades look back at game one, prepare for game two
21-Jun-04 Mixed emotions in the bomber box
22-Jun-04 Danny Mac is the top of the pack
22-Jun-04 Back in the coaching saddle
22-Jun-04 Nova Scotia football loses a giant: Don Loney passes away
23-Jun-04 The owner's over the moon
23-Jun-04 Renegades put out the No Returns sign
23-Jun-04 Tom Wright's fact finding mission down east
24-Jun-04 The million dollar man
24-Jun-04 A work in progress
24-Jun-04 Singing a song
25-Jun-04 Hamilton fans are buying what Young is selling
25-Jun-04 Argos find fault with the officials
25-Jun-04 Getting better with age
26-Jun-04 Danny Mac's attack
26-Jun-04 Leos shoot it out with Esks at Commonwealth
26-Jun-04 Smiling Stamps ready for home opener
27-Jun-04 Defensive downfall
27-Jun-04 Anwar Stewart - gamebreaker
27-Jun-04 Leos win on the field, now want to win in the board room
29-Jun-04 CFL and NFL find common ground until 2006
29-Jun-04 Bombers heading in the wrong direction
29-Jun-04 Same colour, different Green, Kenton Keith rejoins Riders
30-Jun-04 Twice bitten, once shy
30-Jun-04 Bombers look to shore up defence
30-Jun-04 Award winning Renegades

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