Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Recapturing the moments of August

We continue with the archival tidbits of our little effort here.
This entry consists of the August contributions to my Opening kick off feature. I'll add the remaining weeks worth to the entry as they come along.

8-Aug-04 In praise of Mr. Jones
8-Aug-04 The road to hell passes through BC Place
8-Aug-04 180 degrees in 365 days
9-Aug-04 Big Blue Bid Ritchie farewell
9-Aug-04 Avery makes a statement
9-Aug-04 The owner's not in the store
10-Aug-04 Daley takes the reins
10-Aug-04 Walking tall in cowtown
10-Aug-04 Maas to take Pass in the Peg
11-Aug-04 Printing up some honours on the resume
11-Aug-04 Everything's coming up ARGOS
11-Aug-04 A Pivotal game for the Eskies
12-Aug-04 In Argoland there is now rest for the weary
12-Aug-04 Eskies take a gander on a long shot
12-Aug-04 Daley tackles double duty to turn around Bombers
13-Aug-04 Argos loss deeper than the scoreboard
13-Aug-04 A brand new Daley for Winnipeg
13-Aug-04 Cat fight ahead in Steeltown
14-Aug-04 Ti-Cats clawless against Lions
14-Aug-04 Bad day in Bomberland
14-Aug-04 ACL spells MIA
15-Aug-04 Back in the Playoff hunt, simply by taking a week off
15-Aug-04 Big Blue ready to work for Daley
15-Aug-04 The Silence of the Don
16-Aug-04 Cockiness or crazy? A voice booms across the prairies!
16-Aug-04 Not done yet!
16-Aug-04 An ill wind felt all the way to Winnipeg
17-Aug-04 Pinball's confidence man
17-Aug-04 Buono's got calls holding!
17-Aug-04 Rens punter getting comfortable
18-Aug-04 Bishop receives the praises and makes the passes
18-Aug-04 Geroy's the man of the week
18-Aug-04 Bad blood on the flatlands
19-Aug-04 This Bishop is a Believer
19-Aug-04 Stampeders down in wins, up in injuries
19-Aug-04 A Renegade sparkplug
20-Aug-04 The bombers are a mess
20-Aug-04 Midway through the season it's already must win time for the Eskies
20-Aug-04 Ti-cats end losing skid with win over Rens
21-Aug-04 The owner won't take anymore
21-Aug-04 Some new hands Rison in Toronto?
21-Aug-04 Report Card day in the Peg
22-Aug-04 Questions on comittment in Ottawa
22-Aug-04 Buono's QB assembly line
22-Aug-04 It's true! Rison will wear double blue.
23-Aug-04 Andre meets the media
23-Aug-04 Rens take steps to fix the O line
23-Aug-04 Toss the ball to Tucker
24-Aug-04 Woodcock ponders the bumps in the road
24-Aug-04 No rush on Rison
24-Aug-04 Back to Training camp
25-Aug-04 Snarling at the Bomber kennel
25-Aug-04 Bishop the Best
25-Aug-04 The Rush is on Rison
26-Aug-04 The Ramblin' Stallion fan
26-Aug-04 Ritchie in for repairs
26-Aug-04 Searching for answers in Ottawa
27-Aug-04 Losing the fans in the Peg!
27-Aug-04 Ricky Ray's biggest fan is Jason Maas
27-Aug-04 Signal Stealing Als have the Bombers spooked
28-Aug-04 Everybody Loves Danny
28-Aug-04 Steeltown sellout!
28-Aug-04 Weather, on field record and attendance all heading in the same direction
29-Aug-04 A Roaring Good time
29-Aug-04 Mills gone for rest of the regular season
29-Aug-04 Clearance time in Winnipeg
30-Aug-04 A one man scoring machine
30-Aug-04 Rison to step up
30-Aug-04 A new low point for Ottawa
31-Aug-04 Shouldering his share
31-Aug-04 Still Searching for answers in Bytown
31-Aug-04 Bishop still the field captain of the good ship Argo

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