Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Looking Back through July

We continue our trip down memory lane with more of our "Opening kick-offs of July".

1-Jul-04 Mr. Wright needs a Mr. Right
1-Jul-04 Big Blue with Big Box Office
1-Jul-04 Ranek's rushing to the top
2-Jul-04 Some kind of work ethic
2-Jul-04 And they're not comfortable yet
2-Jul-04 Burris to the rescue
3-Jul-04 Lions defensive woes beginning to show
3-Jul-04 Renegades looking to 1972 for incentive
3-Jul-04 Fluties observations on the season so far6-Jul-04 Bobo back in blue6-Jul-04 Rens cram for next exam on Friday
6-Jul-04 If you shrink it will they come?
7-Jul-04 Western struggles signal change in the CFL
7-Jul-04 Jospeh's honoured for another great week
7-Jul-04 Fire the coach! Pressure building in Edmonton
8-Jul-04 The Miracle of Steeltown
8-Jul-04 Pringle picks his words
8-Jul-04 Time to show some pride
9-Jul-04 Anticipating the Big East showdown
9-Jul-04 On the case for Casey
9-Jul-04 Eskies by the numbers
10-Jul-04 Back to reality for the Renegades
10-Jul-04 It's not the field at all, believe me
10-Jul-04 Montreal's Little BIG Play man
11-Jul-04 Winning ugly with the Esks
11-Jul-04 The Heat is off in Mantiboa
11-Jul-04 Dickenson holds out hope
12-Jul-04 The West wants a leader
12-Jul-04 A Disappointed Dunigan
12-Jul-04 Stamps look to corral Als Thursday
13-Jul-04 Als running back receives honours
13-Jul-04 Renegades move on from disappointment
13-Jul-04 It's a snap!
14-Jul-04 Visions of the Gizmo
14-Jul-04 Sharing the load in Montreal
14-Jul-04 CFL on the air everywhere
16-Jul-04 The Als and all the rest
16-Jul-04 Kerry's kids benefit from Joseph's largesse
16-Jul-04 Still Undefeated
17-Jul-04 Ritchie holds the keys
17-Jul-04 Caught in the Stampede
17-Jul-04 Argos hold on to beat Riders
18-Jul-04 Re-runs at the Stampeder film festival
18-Jul-04 Levingston lectured in prime time
18-Jul-04 An October surpise in July
19-Jul-04 Khari is still pivotal
19-Jul-04 Joseph won't be ready for Wednesday
19-Jul-04 A chance for the little guy
20-Jul-04 Big Task ahead for Rens backup
20-Jul-04 To bring the best out of Bashir
20-Jul-04 Ryan's Fancy Kicking
21-Jul-04 Alouette players back in familiar territory
21-Jul-04 Argos to honour Gill the Thrill
21-Jul-04 The second chance club
22-Jul-04 Bombers triple pay
22-Jul-04 Stamps looking for a few good hands
22-Jul-04 Taking their shares to the road
23-Jul-04 Questions on Avery's longevity
23-Jul-04 One big unhappy family in Cowtown
23-Jul-04 Ti Cats join the spy race
24-Jul-04 Paopao preaches patience
24-Jul-04 Stamps await Dangerous Burris
24-Jul-04 Selfish behaviour unwanted with Blue
25-Jul-04 Perfection in Montreal
25-Jul-04 Accountability begins in the dressing room
25-Jul-04 Flag Days

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