Friday, September 02, 2011

CFL Game Day: British Columbia at Toronto (September 2)

Short of a low scoring and boring game with a 3-0 score and a bushel of mistakes and errors, one way or another David Braley, is going to be a happy man on Friday night.

The CFL kicks off the Labour Day weekend with a rather unwelcome change to the norm, as the two teams owned by the same guy (Braley) take to the field on Friday night in Toronto, much to the chagrin of CFL fans everywhere who send the CFL this message: "It's not a Labour Day Classic unless its the Cats and the Argos".

The Braley bowl will launch the second half of the CFL's 2011 campaign and signal the start of the traditional rivalry match ups in the prairie provinces, where you dare to mess with tradition at your peril.

And while the Argonauts may actually miss the annual Labour Day tradition with their rivals, they do have a job at hand on Friday night, a key game for their hopes for movement in the CFL east and the quest for a playoff spot.

Friday's game is perhaps the last opportunity for Argo Quarterback Cleo Lemon to make this team his, one more poor performance, or lethargic effort on offence could find Lemon banished to back ranks for the remainder of the season.

Across the field, the Lions seem to believe they have put the worst of the 2011 season behind them, hopeful that Travis Lulay has finally hit his stride, aided by the twin threats in the receiving corps of Geroy Simon and Arland Bruce III.

With Edmonton stumbling through August, the Lions who at one point probably were hoping for a shot at a crossover playoff spot, now could have thoughts of second in the West and maybe a run at the Stamps in first.

No rivalry game this one, but maybe a little bit of personal history for Arland Bruce and Ricky Foley might help to tide Argo fans over until next year and the promised return of the Argo Ticat blood feud.

For this year however, it's all about the Senator, David Braley will watch with interest tonight as his two franchises take to the field, though perhaps for Braley the real question will be how many Argo fans drop into the Rogers centre.

We imagine even at the most optimistic forecast, it won't be quite the same number that would have been there had a certain team from down the road been in the house.

Game Time 7 PM ET (4 PM PT) TSN

Pre Game

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Quick Snaps BC Lions
Quick Snaps Toronto Argonauts

Post Game

British Columbia 29 at Toronto 16
Attendance-- 19,593

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