Thursday, September 01, 2011

Gibsons' Players of the Month Awards for August 2011

The middle of summer in the Canadian Football league offered up more than a few options for the folks at the Gibsons Awards to look over.

When they compiled their list however, four players stood out for achievement over August's 31 days, the Stampeders who caught fire in August claimed two spots for the month, while the Lions and Alouettes split the remaining two spots for the month.

Official website for the Gibson's Player to the Month Awards

Video Review of Players of the Month

Offensive Player of the Month
Henry Burris
Calgary Stampeders - Quarterback

Defensive Player of the Month
Solomon Elimimian
BC Lions - Linebacker

Special Teams Player of the Month
Sean Whyte
Montreal Alouettes - Place kicker

Canadian Player of the Month
Johnny Forzani
Calgary Stampeders - Wide Receiver

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