Friday, September 02, 2011

Quick Snaps British Columbia Lions - September 2011

Items of note that don't get the full blog treatment, but offer up news and background on the British Columbia Lions.

September 30-- Weak roar from Lions
September 30-- Hungry Lions fans bellyache over long lineups
September 30-- Opening night at B. C. Place
September 30-- Weekend Warmup with Jonathon McDonald
September 30-- Patience pays off
September 30-- Greatest moments at B. C. Place, and counting
September 30-- Dinner, bunk mates, all part of game-day prep
September 30-- The Three Keys
September 30-- Sweet! But will it be too comfy?
September 30-- It's a new world for the city and its Lions
September 30-- Esks look to spoil party at BC Place re-opener
September 30-- Leos ready to roar in revamped den
September 30-- Is there a Ray of hope for Esks tonight? Ask L. U.
September 30-- Expectations through the roof
September 30-- Fans will be 'absolutely blown away' by revamped B. C. Place on opening day
September 30-- Eskimos ready to get serious
September 30-- Disabled parking lot too far away: Lions fan
September 30-- Despite bugs in the house, Lions welcome fans, Eskimos...
September 29-- Lions players love renovated B. C. Place
September 29-- CFL parity prevails, claims Buono
September 29-- Making memories at B. C. Place
September 29-- McCallum calm as Lions' kicker nears FG milestone
September 29-- Home, sweet Dome for Leos?
September 29-- Patience paying off for Lions says Esks coach
September 29-- A few punts for scoreboard
September 29-- The Lions' old guard isn't that impressed
September 29-- Lulay's a hot topic for Friday's pre game chant L. U.
September 29-- B. C. Place critics flag pricey lid
September 29-- Sparkling stadium turfs expectations
September 29-- McCallum aims to leave footprint in record book
September 29-- Dome, sweet dome for B. C. Lions
September 29-- New BC Place roof tops off the crown jewel of the CFL
September 28-- Buono vigilant in keeping B. C. Lions from complacency
September 28-- Critics question B. C. Place financing ahead of grand opening
September 28-- Maturity key to open winning door for BC Lions
September 28-- Lions swap running game stability for receiver speed
September 28-- Modern technology abounds at new B. C. Place
September 28-- B. C. Place Stadium officials are confident about grand opening
September 28-- BC Place promises to blow the roof off
September 28-- No time to admire handiwork
September 28-- Take a stroll through the new BC Place
September 27-- CFL running backs finding fewer holes
September 27-- B. C. Place stadium will be 'in good shape' by opening day
September 27-- Collision with goalpost hasn't affected Banks' ability to talk
September 27-- Phillips finally finds his place with Lions
September 27-- Roof may not be finished on time
September 27-- Ferocious defence creates no-go zone
September 26-- No guarantee B. C. Place Stadium roof won't leak on opening day
September 26-- Lions mull home-game blackout policy
September 26-- B. C. Lions impress Edmonton Eskimos coach Kavis Reed
September 26-- Leos basking in "Babe Ruth effect"
September 26-- Surging Lions have top spot in West within reach
September 25-- Give Buono credit for Lions revival
September 25-- Not a defensive lineman, Mitchell's a piano man
September 25-- Yardsticks
September 25-- Resurgent Lions crush Roughriders 42-5 for fifth straight win
September 25-- 'Like history being written'
September 25-- QB succumbs to head games
September 25-- Bruce helped turn Lions' season around
September 24-- B. C. Lions' romp over Riders shows promising signs for home stretch
September 24-- Lions' Phillips continues mastery over Riders 
September 24-- Lulay, Lions handle Saskatchewan
September 24-- McLachlan adds touch of class to BC Place
September 23-- Khalif Mitchell: Tickling the ivories saved his career
September 23-- Lions' Marsh may be hard not to notice soon
September 23-- Roughriders' "Grandpa" authors a rebirth
September 23-- Impressive roof and roomy seats
September 22-- BC Lions throw that threw the Stamps
September 22-- Lions even hotter than we suspected
September 22-- Eccentric Empire will be sorely missed
September 22-- BC Place an icon on the city's ever changing landscape
September 22-- Roar in Lions' den preparation for Riders' din
September 22-- Lions to tackle Rides' '13th man' in noisy Taylor Field crowd
September 21-- BC Lions: Robertson finds it tough just sitting
September 21-- Hard work and a thick skin can help BC Lions' Cronk
September 21-- Sore ribs don't keep Durant out of practice
September 21-- Open air perspective
September 20-- One, two three blows can't keep BC Lion Arakgi down
September 20-- What's the deal with the new name?
September 20-- Riders emerge as early rival
September 20-- Scouting Bureau's top picks
September 20-- Major battle down the stretch for B. C. Lions
September 19-- Pin-'em deep call provides more fuel for second-guessers
September 19-- At last, Jackson got to make a play
September 18-- Jackson's perseverance pays off for Lions
September 18-- It's time to scramble back on bandwagon
September 18-- B. C. can beat the best
September 17-- Lions lick Stamps
September 17-- B. C. Lions extend win-streak to four in Calgary
September 17-- Lions set for best-in-the-West Stampeders
September 16-- Cornish the crusader
September 16-- Leos sounding mighty civil
September 16-- Lions player to watch
September 16-- Stamps player to watch
September 16-- The Three keys
September 16-- Why Leos' kicker tunes out before he gets tuned in
September 15-- Saturday showdown a litmus test for Lions
September 15-- Good habits, discipline help Leos
September 15-- Molson Stadium is fantastic experience
September 14-- B. C. sports hall's golden parade
September 14-- B. C. Place glistens, but with how much gold?
September 14-- Mitchell brings zest, self-love to Leos
September 14-- Whatever you call it, Lions D is dominant
September 13-- Skulsky and Lions have it made with move to B. C. Place 
September 13-- Harris has a home as RB with Lions
September 13-- Simon steps back into leader's role for BC Lions
September 12-- Red-zone numbers a worry
September 12-- Buono sees 'red' after sinking Argos
September 12-- Lions display fancy footwork in Empire Field finale
September 11-- Fancy footwork from dominant tackle Mitchell
September 11-- Simon shines, crowd roars
September 11-- Empire was 'necessary respite'
September 10-- Lions beat the heat and the Argos
September 10-- Defence and sunshine make Lions' final game at Empire Field a winner
September 10-- Deep down Lions happy to leave Lego-set stadium
September 10-- Lions chew up Argos
September 10-- Nimble Lions' Mitchell shows footwork in win
September 10-- Simon scores historic TD as Lions end reign at Empire Field ...
September 10-- Leos won't bemoan last call at Empire
September 10-- 'Old man' getting better with age
September 9-- Memories could fill a grandstand
September 9-- Same story, but different endings
September 9-- Vacation's over, back to big city
September 9-- Hall of Fame comes to life
September 9-- Lions players to watch, and the 3 Keys
September 8-- Lions more than ready to get out of Empire Field
September 8-- Lulay's got it going - until pay dirt looms
September 8-- Lions eager to get back to their own Place
September 8-- Renovations near completion
September 8-- Memories of 9/11 still fresh for some Leos
September 7-- Injured Sanchez backs himself to play again
September 7-- Travis Lulay named CFL offensive player of week
September 7-- Not-so-special teams hurt B.C.
September 7-- Getting a big bang for the buck with BC Place Stadium reno
September 6-- Sanchez may not return to Lions
September 6-- Seeking the book on Jyles
September 6-- Lions giving Muamba more responsibility
September 6-- Arceneaux is among six ex-CFLers to stick in NFL
September 5-- Slow recovery for Leos' lineman
September 3-- B. C. Lions at home on the road
September 3-- B. C. Lions' Lulay efficient in win over Argos
September 3-- Opportunity knocks
September 3-- Lions 29 Argos 16: From the couch
September 2-- Lions 29 Argos 16: Post-game report
September 2-- Ullrich on the field in Toronto
September 2-- Lions 'All Sweat' Brown rushes over Argos
September 2-- Lulay steers Lions past Argos
September 2-- It's just bad football
September 2-- Argos' Lemon pulled in loss to Lions
September 2-- Watt owes his CFL career to broadcaster TSN
September 2-- Lions' Keron Williams unleashes his Wolverine
September 2-- Bruce lives on in song for Argos
September 2-- Argos' Foley motivated by 'naysayers'
September 2-- Expect Braley's team to win ... and lose
September 2-- Lions veteran pass catchers, Simon, Bruce make for a dynamic duo
September 1-- David Braley: One owner focused on two teams
September 1-- Pick 'em apart, Vol. 10
September 1-- Lions, Argos have a lot in common
September 1-- All in a day's work
September 1-- Argos' Steinauer focused on Lions, game day

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