Sunday, September 04, 2011

CFL Game Day: Montreal at Hamilton (September 5)

It definitely isn't the Labour Day match up that Tiger Cat fans wanted to see, the lost opportunity to , uh, er, welcome Argonaut fans to Steeltown lost for this year's Labour Day bash, but when it comes to actual football on the field, the prospect of the Alouettes and Tiger Cats going into battle certainly seems a step up on the entertainment scale.

Still, the CFL managed to make a mash of it's image and marketing sense with the change this year, a fact that can't be denied, but they're going to play a game on Labour Day in Hamilton anyways and it should be a pretty darn good one at that.

The Alouettes arrive in the Hammer having come off a late game loss to the Stampders a week ago, a fate that they just aren't used to these past few years, where late field marches led by Anthony Calvillo usually turn into seven points and another Alouette victory.

So with last weeks loss still not heir minds, the Als will no doubt wish to make amends for that missed opportunity for two points and bring their hard hitting defensive play and always explosive offence into Hamilton to steal two points out of the Steel City.

Hamilton, which has played some entertaining football for the majority of the season thus far, came close toppling the reigning CFL giants of the year the Blue Bombers last week.

At times last week it seemed that the Cats were about to take some of the swagger out of the visitors from Winnipeg, however the Bombers are in first for a reason it seems and whether they win by two touchdowns or by a field goal as they did last week, the Blue at the moment are the class of the league. However, the Cats served notice that no team scares them this year, especially in their own stadium.

Taking the positives from that game they should be more than up to the challenge of Calvillo and company on Monday. And while the Cats fans will probably mourn the lost opportunity to torment their Toronto cousins, we're pretty sure they'll enjoy what they see on the field.

And if the Cats can come out on top, so much the better to help take away some of the disappointment over the missing Argos and their fans.

Game Time 1 PM (10 AM PT) TSN

Pre Game

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Quick Snaps Montreal Alouetttes
Quick Snaps Hamilton Tiger Cats

Post Game

Montreal 21 at Hamilton 44
Attendance-- 26,694

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