Thursday, August 18, 2011

CFL Gameday: Saskatchewan at Toronto (August 18, 2011)

As we move into the third week of August, week eight of the CFL season, the carnage of the bottom dwellers of the CFL resembles some of the scenes from the Mad Max movies of days gone by.

In this case, with a Thursday night match up between cellar dwellers on the horizon, we'll use the Beyond Thunder Dome analogy, (all be it without the crowds that Tina Turner frequently featured) two teams enter, one team leaves...

With equal records of 1-6, the Argos and Riders will seek to find something to build on Thursday, night the winner perhaps gaining the edge in the snails race for a crossover playoff spot, the loser... well one imagines a change will be a comin' to the team that fails to collect the W.

Despite the last terrible six weeks, hope it seems is on the side of the Argos, who spurred on by their performance last week against their ancient rivals the TiCats, seem to be believing that better days are on the  way.

And with Cleo Lemon having his best game as an Argo last weekend, there may be some basis to that positive vibe coming out of the Argo camp this week, the same however can't be said for the visiting Riders.

The Saskatchewan fan base is furrowing it's brow and not holding back on their concern over the fate of their beloved Riders, the media featuring frequent articles and observations on the mood of the Riders, the apparent frustration and confusion as to how they've come to hold a 1-6 record, unacceptable for a team that the last two years was but one win away from hoisting the Grey Cup.

Thursday night at Rogers Centre, two teams enter, by the time sixty minutes of football is over, there will be one team ready to build and perhaps one team ready to tear down and start over.

Game Time 7:30 PM ET (5:30 ST, 4:30 ET)

Pre Game

Toronto Sun--  Bottom line? Argos need a victory
Toronto Star-- Rough ride in Saskatchewan
Globe and Mail-- Argos' Lemon eyes third straight 300 yard game
National Post-- Argos' Lemon heeds coach's warning
Regina Leader Post-- Riders in the race for last place With Reymond Willis sidelined, R. J. Roberts finally gets his chance with team

Quick Snaps Saskatchewan Roughriders
Quick Snaps Toronto Argonauts

Post Game

Saskatchewan 18 at Toronto 24
Attendance-- 20,482

Globe and Mail-- Argos thwart Riders' comeback
National Post-- Argos hold off the Riders
Toronto Star-- Argos barely hang on for victory Riders' comeback comes up short against Argos

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