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Quick Snaps British Columbia Lions - August 2011

Items of note that don't get the full blog treatment, but offer up news and background on the British Columbia Lions.

August 31-- Argos' Foley regrets way he treated Lions
August 31-- Lions' Paris Jackson waits for his chance
August 31-- Lions shrug off first encounter with Ricky Foley
August 31-- BC Lions receiver is standing tall
August 30-- Top soph for Solomon
August 30-- Leos looking for run-game group
August 30-- Less may be best
August 30-- Lions' Tim Brown tuned up for Argos
August 30-- Double duty Muamba fills ever-vacant safety spot
August 30-- Playing' calm, relaxed and having fun
August 30-- Leos looking for run-game group
August 29-- Iannuzzi gets right to settling in with Lions
August 29-- Lions will have to prove they're 'the real deal'
August 29-- Something new brewing with the Lions
August 29-- Making a play for Jamal
August 28-- Apostrophe gone from Lions' Rajon Henley, but not his drive
August 28-- Moore back from injury to replace hurting Johnson
August 28-- Injuries getting to be a pain
August 27-- Case closed on Kamau
August 26-- Buono believes Lions will roar more: "We're getting over the hump"
August 25-- Pick 'em apart: Vol. 9
August 23-- Lions duo Arland Bruce, Aaron Hunt named CFL players of the week
August 21-- Lions' impressive win silences Buono-bashing bloggers
August 20-- Actions speak louder than words, Simon says
August 20-- Easy-to-digest Edmonton leftovers
August 20-- Lions  36 - Esks 1: From the Couch
August 20-- Lions pounce on wounded Eskimos
August 20-- Lulay, Lions hammer Eskimos
August 20-- Lions pounce on Eskimos with 36-1 victory
August 19-- Lulay tosses four TDs as Lions trounce Eskimos
August 19-- Lions 36, Eskimos 1: Post-game video
August 19-- Standout effort sees B. C. Lions devour Eskimos in Edmonton
August 19-- Some alternate morning Leos reading
August 19-- B. C. Lions down Edmonton 36-1
August 19-- Leos uncork sack attack
August 19-- Esks stink out the joint
August 19-- No let-up Lions
August 19-- Eskimortified!
August 18-- Desperate times for Lions, Eskimos
August 18-- Lions' Foster not likely to forget FSX roots
August 18-- BC Lions Chat with Lowell Ullrich, Friday, August 19, 2011
August 18-- Wounded Eskimos retool for Lions clash
August 18-- Eskimos hope to snap two-game skid at home against Lions
August 18-- Lions' Harris wants to prove Canadian running tandem can reap reward
August 17-- Veteran Lions Peterson, Jackson wary of the chopping block
August 17-- Lions struggle to process failings
August 17-- Is Kamau Peterson on way out?
August 17-- Mike Beamish's CFL picks: Who will drop to 1-7?
August 17-- Pick 'em apart, Vol. 8
August 16-- Lions can afford no mistakes
August 16-- Jackson roars as Lions whimper
August 16-- Loss a brush on cheek
August 15-- Lions' Jackson inspired by 'the throw'
August 15-- 'Anything's possible'
August 15-- Apathy and bewilderment grip struggling Lions
August 15-- Lions sticking with Lulay at QB
August 15-- Eskimos consider Friday's showdown with Lions one - game season
August 15-- Injury kept Lions' Brown off his game
August 15-- Travis Lulay 'needs to be more like Buck' 
August 15-- Esks key on B. C. game
August 15-- Lions Lulay can learn lessons after benching
August 15-- Playing injured is losing game plan for the Lions
August 15-- Running-game gambit failed; Robertson may return
August 14-- Bombers 30 Lions 17: From the stands
August 14-- Andrew Harris shows potential in B. C. Lions loss to Bombers
August 14-- Blue Bombers pulverize the Lions
August 14-- Blue Bombers shell listless Lions
August 14-- Baffled Buono seems to have run out of solutions
August 14-- Bombers post first 6-1 start since 1984
August 13-- Nice start ends in misery for B. C. Lions
August 13-- Buono: Lions needed change from Buck
August 13-- Bombers 30 Lions 17: Post-game video
August 13-- BC Lions game day chat August 13
August 13-- B. C. Lions live game-day chat: Saturday, Aug. 13 at 2 pm
August 13-- Bruce braced for Lions debut against Bombers
August 12-- Lions' Simon and Bruce, together at last
August 12-- Lions Blitz: Arland's insatiable curiosity
August 12-- Why Lions go that extra mile
August 12-- Lions Gameday Saturday Aug. 13
August 12-- Lions-Bombers players to watch, three themes
August 12-- Leos wary of Odell Willis, the sack kingpin
August 12-- Success within his grasp
August 12-- How the Bombers' D became great
August 12-- Bombers' Doug Brown enjoys his farewell CFL season
August 12-- From the Stands: Bonus feature debuts
August 11-- Pick 'em apart, Vol.. 7
August 11-- Lions will have a new look for Blue Bombers
August 11-- Rookie Kierrie Johnson gets his first chance to play with the B. C. Lions
August 11-- New B. C. Lion receiver Arland Bruce gets ready to roar
August 11-- Bombers carry emotional load into rematch with Lions
August 11-- BC Lions Live Game Day chat
August 10-- CFL This week: The games to watch
August 10-- Lions RB Robertson prepares himself for change of pace
August 10-- Trash-talking Bomber sackster Willis backtracks on Lions' Johnson
August 10-- Lions 'role player' getting in on the act
August 10-- CFL power rankings: August 10, 2011
August 9-- Lions about to find out what's in a name
August 9-- Banks, Marsh reunited in Lions' secondary
August 9-- Buono gives pair a second chance with Lions
August 9-- BC Lions: From great prospect to suspect
August 8-- Lions' Simon says... best "not to say anything" when frustrated by team's play
August 8-- Don't judge Bruce book by cover
August 7-- Arland Bruce's wardrobe shows that Wally Buono and media don't always see...
August 7-- Roughriders at a loss for words
August 6-- B. C. Lions roar to first win
August 6-- Geroy Simon lifts B. C. Lions' sputtering offence to win over...
August 6-- Lions earn 1st victory of the season, beat Roughriders 24--11
August 6-- Lions top Roughriders for first win
August 6-- Good grief, there's finally some relief
August 6-- Throw it to Simon
August 6-- Lions 24 Riders 11: Post Game musings
August 5-- BC Lions live game day chat for Friday, August 5
August 5-- Riders look to pilfer victory
August 5-- Lions snap losing streak at expense of Roughriders
August 5-- Lions' Buono seeks, believes in more from Gore
August 4-- B. C., Saskatchewan battle to stay out of West basement
August 4-- Quarterback throws out crisis talk
August 4-- Bruce Almighty or King of Controversy?
August 4-- So much for 'home field advantage'
August 4-- It's hard to beat Bates
August 4-- Veteran safety playing through the pain of loss
August 4-- Arland Bruce gives Lions a dangerous - and expensive - receiving coprs
August 4-- Video: Coach Wally Buono and quarterback Travis Lulay reflect on B. C. Lions...
August 4-- Pick 'em apart: Vol .6
August 4-- Need surgery? Today's the day
August 4-- Kornegay set to duel with Rider buddies
August 4-- Lions grab Bruce from Ti-Cats for a steal
August 3-- B. C. Lions acquire receiver Arland Bruce from Hamilton
August 3-- Strange new ways after Bruce trade
August 3-- Lions land Arland Bruce
August 3-- Paris Jackson has spring in step
August 3-- Ticats ship Bruce to Lions
August 3-- Ticats unload Bruce on Lions
August 3-- Lions' Paris Jackson learns valuable lesson as a reserve
August 3-- Bruce acquired for picks by Leos
August 3-- Reddick plays mind games with Buono
August 3-- Lions land 'savvy' Arland Bruce, colourful reputation in trade from Ticats
August 3-- Tiger-Cats just outgrow Bruce
August 2-- Lions coach Wally Buono in the pink when it comes to fan support
August 2-- Lions casting net for receiver
August 2-- Buono's mantra wearing thin at 0-5
August 2-- Moore seizes opportunity to roar with Lions
August 2-- Lions to stick with youth movement
August 1-- Lions must improve 'focus on the ball'
August 1-- Working overtime can't hurt

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