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Quick Snaps Saskatchewan Roughriders - August 2011

Items of note that don't get the full blog treatment, but offer up news and background on the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

August 31-- Whose fans top loudness contest?
August 31-- Riders' James Patrick makes transition from safety to dime back
August 31-- Riders add U of S Huskies product to practice roster
August 31-- Miller made best choice
August 31-- Wednesday's soggy report from Riders practice
August 31-- NFL cuts on the radar
August 30-- Bears should play Fantuz
August 30-- It doesn't hurt to be selfish
August 30-- Simpson's sticky situation
August 30-- A comment from Chicago
August 30-- Roughriders chat on Aug. 30
August 30-- Bombers' measuring stick looms
August 30-- Boyd shrugs away conflict
August 30-- Riders' SGI Play it Safe Day set
August 30-- Riders' nemisis in Blue
August 29-- The August 29 report
August 29-- Riders' Darian Durant misses his mentor
August 29-- Ken Miller and the Saskatchewan Roughriders hope for a lucky 13
August 29-- Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Ken Miller delivers message with flourish
August 29-- Miller's speech a hit
August 29-- Huge week for Koch
August 29-- Eventful week for Saskatchewan Roughriders' Cary Koch
August 28-- Ken Miller talks to the media after his return
August 28-- Cary Koch talks about returning to practice, getting engaged, his birthday...
August 28-- Lance Frazier's thoughts after Day 1 under Ken Miller
August 28-- Darian Durant talks about the return of Ken Miller, etc.
August 28-- Roughriders about out of excuses
August 27-- Chick in on three stops
August 27-- Examining the Riders' hierarchy
August 27-- Silver Spatula up for grabs
August 27-- Plan, reality don't jibe
August 26-- Riders players, take note
August 26-- Rider legend George Reed's life is more than football
August 26-- Reed's autobiography isn't just about football
August 26-- Live Chat Friday August 26
August 24-- Doug Berry misunderstood by critics
August 24-- Doug Berry speaks out
August 24-- Sell the stadium
August 24-- Fired Riders coach didn't like the boss hanging around
August 24-- Former Rider coach Doug Berry speaks out
August 23-- Rider Nation's stadium dreams tempered by need for a roof
August 23-- Regina redevelopment plan includes new football stadium
August 23-- Riders' Chris Getzlaf named CFL's Canadian player of the week
August 23-- Marshall, Ottawa are a great fit
August 23-- Durant must be Riders' engine
August 23-- Bye week cleans slate for Roughriders
August 23-- Fantuz makes first catch
August 23-- Signature trucks raise big bucks
August 23-- Rider Durant's rant
August 23-- Durant glad Miller is back
August 23-- Riders' Darian Durant discusses Miller, Berry
August 23-- Durant, Berry never clicked
August 22-- Answering a question
August 22-- Firings expose flawed system
August 22-- Hopson endorses Taman's work
August 22-- Greg Marshall fires back
August 22-- Entire team wears firings
August 22-- Arash Madani talks about the Riders
August 22-- Toughest part for Marshall breaking bad news to family
August 22-- Berry questions Riders moves
August 21-- Fired Riders coach didn't get fair shake: Brown
August 21-- Arash Madani talks about the Riders
August 21-- Answering a question
August 20-- Marshall disappointed after being fired by Riders
August 20-- Greg Marshall's comments from Saturday afternoon
August 20-- Greg Marshall Q and A
August 20-- Ex-Riders coach Marshall sounds off on firing
August 20-- A Dynasty dismantled?
August 20-- An assortment of Rider-related items that did not make the paper
August 19-- Riders fire coach Greg Marshall
August 19-- Riders fire Greg Marshall and Doug Berry; Ken Miller takes over as head coach
August 19-- Saskatchewan Roughriders made the right move
August 19-- Reaction on Twitter to the firing of Riders head coach Greg Marhsall
August 19-- An assortment of Rider-related items that did not make the paper
August 19-- Quotes from Ken Miller and Brendan Taman on today's firings
August 19-- Marshall, Berry fired
August 19-- Marshall's dream job gone to hell
August 19-- Roughriders fire head coach, coordinator
August 19-- Marshall Plan fails
August 19-- It's your move, Ken Miller
August 19-- Riders Live Chat August 19
August 19-- Practice pays off for Riders' Jordan Sisco
August 19-- Greg Marshall's comments at the airport on Friday
August 19-- Darian Durant's quotes at the airport after returning from Toronto
August 19-- Argos relieved to snap six-game losing skid
August 19-- Toronto 24, Saskatchewan 19 - Read all about it
August 18-- Argos hold off the Riders
August 18-- Riders feeling the effects of rock bottom
August 18-- Riders don't know why they're rotten
August 18-- Rough ride in Saskatchewan
August 18-- It's easy being green: Roughriders marketing an example for other teams
August 18-- Seeing the world in green and white
August 17-- Riders in the race for last place
August 17-- Riders search for win by looking within
August 17-- NBC Chicago item on Andy Fantuz
August 17-- Inside the Game: Riders, Argos look to get on track
August 17-- Argos-Riders could be a classic... really
August 17-- Roughriders' Williams ready for Sho-time in front of mom
August 17-- CFL cellar-dwellers have chance to rebound
August 17-- A Wednesday pre-game report from a very sunny Toronto
August 16-- I don't think this blogger is impressed with Andy Fantuz
August 16-- Rider fans green with envy
August 16-- Tuesday's get-away report on the Roughriders
August 16-- Riders' Shomari Williams and Brandon West have Twitter covered
August 16-- Durant maintains schedule despite struggles
August 16-- Live Chat Tuesday August 16
August 16-- Greg Marshall's comments after Mon. Aug. 16 practice
August 15-- Pessimism abounds in Riderville
August 15-- Riders' defence battles through slow start
August 15-- The latest Grey Cup odds (read at your own risk)
August 15-- Saskatchewan Roughriders' Doug Berry questions one play on a good day
August 15-- Miller mystified by Riders' slow start
August 15-- Riders' Ken Miller remains optimistic
August 15-- Offensive burst boosts Riders' spirits
August 15-- Loss of Andy Fantuz is tough to Bear
August 15-- Monday's report from Roughriders practice
August 15-- Inconsistency leaves Roughriders searching for answers
August 14-- Greg Marshall's comments after Sun., Aug. 14 practice
August 14-- Darian Durant's comments after Sun., Aug. 14 practice
August 14-- Doug Berry's comments after Sunday's practice
August 14-- A Sunday report from Riders practice
August 14-- Riders fans green with envy
August 14-- Andy Fantuz update, sort of
August 13-- A quick note about Andy Fantuz
August 13-- Reeling Riders sad to watch
August 13-- Stamps roll over Roughriders
August 13-- Woes continue at home
August 13-- Stampeders win wild west shootout
August 13-- Raymond sets new TD record
August 13-- Stamps offence dominant
August 13-- Roughriders hammered 45-35 by Stamps at home
August 13-- Some thoughts about Calgary 45, Sasktachewan 35
August 13-- Greg Marshall tells it like it is
August 13-- A few post game quotes
August 12-- Fantuzy football
August 12-- Roughriders looking to regain Mosaic magic
August 12-- Darian Durant and Greg Marshall must apply their stamp to the Riders
August 12-- Riders' Chris Getzlaf battles slump
August 12-- Roughriders Live Chat August 12
August 12-- Riders players take notice of fans' dwindling enthusiasm
August 12-- Darian Durant plans to run more
August 11-- Thursday's report from Riderville 
August 11-- Riders could face boos - from the home fans
August 11-- Riders down but dangerous
August 11-- Rider notes: Durant frustrated by Riders' record
August 11-- Young Roughriders
August 11-- Stamps, Riders meet for second time in three weeks
August 11-- Stamps in great spirits ahead of Riders clash
August 11-- These offensive linemen didn't quit their day job
August 11-- Riders GM Brendan Taman facing critics head-on
August 11-- The 13th man
August 11-- Rider one on one (Barrin Simpson)
August 11-- Andy Fantuz poised for NFL pre-season debut with Chicago Bears
August 11-- From the pages of Rob Vanstone
August 11-- Rider fans' watermelon helmets not welcome at Vancouver's Empire Field
August 11-- Getting connected with rider nation
August 11-- Rider fandemonium
August 11-- Saskatchewan Roughriders well out 15th straight regular season game
August 11-- Riders have different look
August 11-- A pair of old guards
August 11-- Tyrre Burks works to make an imprint with Roughriders
August 11-- Rider report card
August 10-- Riders wait while Wes Cates bides time on sidelines
August 10-- D lineman mulls over trade to Als
August 10-- Interview with Riders GM Brendan Taman
August 10-- Stamps don't feel bad for Riders
August 10-- Roughriders' Yvenson Bernard carries the ball for his family's homeland
August 10-- Newest Riders 'plane' to see
August 10-- Penalties add to Riders' woes
August 10-- The daily drill with Greg Marshall
August 10-- Darian Durant talks about receivers (Fantuz, plus Riders newbies)
August 10-- An interview with Andy Fantuz
August 10-- Another sunny Wednesday report from Riders practice
August 9-- Wes Cates not forcing recovery
August 9-- Riders' Shomari Williams ready to step up and take on bigger role
August 9-- Trade was all about the cap
August 9-- Roughriders need a spark to shake funk
August 9-- Darian Durant - Doug Berry relationship explored
August 9-- Tailback Yvenson Bernard to join Riders
August 9-- Riders coping with change
August 9-- Fans weigh in on Riders' woes
August 9-- The first interview with Freddie Barnes
August 9-- The first interview with Dallas Baker
August 9-- Tuesday's report from sun-splashed Mosaic Stadium
August 9-- Riders Live Chat August 9
August 9-- Yvenson Bernard to join Roughriders
August 9-- Riders ship Mullinder to Als
August 9-- The first interview with Yvenson Bernard
August 9-- Greg Marshall's comments after August 9 practice
August 9-- The mini-members of Rider Nation show their support
August 8-- Roughriders' trades all about the cap
August 8-- Roughriders trade for Baker in hopes of jumpstarting offence
August 8-- Riders preaching accountability
August 8-- Greg Marshall's comments after Mon., Aug. 8 practice
August 8-- Riders coping with change
August 8-- Saskatchewan Roughriders are not yet at the firing stage
August 8-- Bobby Dyce's comments after Monday's practice
August 8-- Terrence Nunn's comments after Monday's practice
August 8-- Roughriders trade Luc Mullinder to Alouettes for import receiver Dallas Baker
August 8-- Saskatchewan Roughriders' Doug Berry accepts responsibility...
August 8-- Darian Durant talks about life at 1-5, etc.
August 8-- Riders' offence too predictable
August 8-- Firings aren't yet the answer
August 8-- Saskatchewan Roughriders are facing the heat
August 8-- Doug Berry's thoughts on the struggling offence
August 8-- Regressing Riders under the gun
August 7-- Roughriders at a loss for words
August 6-- Lions top Roughriders for first win
August 6-- Lions earn first victory of the season, beat Roughriders 24-11
August 6-- Murray's musings from the West Coast
August 6-- Riders slide continues
August 6-- Riders' won't have a "knee-jerk reaction"
August 6-- Riders drop to 1-5
August 6-- B. C. Lions roar to first win
August 5-- Best young star on Riders' O-line
August 5-- Tad Kornegay video
August 5-- Roughriders' Gene Makowsky set to reach milestone
August 5-- Rider Chat August 5
August 5-- Kornegay set to clash with Rider buddies
August 4-- Riders' revival has to start Friday
August 4-- Luc Mullinder reconnects on, off field
August 4-- An early report from sunny Vancouver
August 4-- B. C., Saskatchewan battle to stay out of West basement
August 4-- Riders at Lions: Depth Chart
August 4-- Emotional homecoming for Reed
August 3-- Andy Fantuz update, via Chicago Tribune
August 3-- Greg Marshall after the Aug. 3 practice
August 3-- Darian Duran'ts comments following Wednesday's practice
August 3-- Wednesday's get-away report from Riders practice
August 2-- A sunny-side up Tuesday report from Mosaic Stadium
August 2-- Live Chat August 2
August 1-- Roughriders target big plays on offence
August 1-- Monday's Saskatchewan Day report from Riders practice
August 1-- Roughriders' Grame Bell: Where there's a will

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