Saturday, August 13, 2011

CFL Gameday: Winnipeg at British Columbia (Saturday, August 13, 2011)

There are days when the CFL seems to be the successful conclusion to the theory of the six degrees of separation, where each and every CFL player is at one time or another attached to another along the CFL tracking chart.

This weekend's final match up of week seven is a good case study in point, as the Bombers and Lions rosters seem to provide more than a few intersection points.

You have Buck Pierce, the one time rising star of the Lions who of course famously left the west coast for the prairies after the Lions became concerned about the frequency of his injury time (a theme that at times has resurrected itself in Winnipeg, but seemingly with a more patient Bomber management on board for it).

And thanks to the Saturday Globe and Mail , there's this reminder for Blue Bomber fans that perhaps the CFL's most legendary receiving corps could have been theirs but ten years ago.  Yes Big Blue, had the stars aligned properly a decade ago, you could have had Milt Stegall, Geroy Simon and Arland Bruce III running pass routes and we imagine collecting Grey Cups to rival the dynasties of the Als and the Esks, alas, as any Bomber fan can tell you destiny took a side trip.

Ten years later two thirds of that star lineup will be wearing the Lions colours as Mr. Pierce returns to BC to lead his Bombers up against a hungry Lions squad seeking to continue on from last week's winning ways.

The 2011 season has been a surprising one for the Bombers who currently sit high atop the CFL east thanks to a remarkable start to the year and some fearsome defending, with a defensive squad that is gaining note and reputation as the toughest in the CFL in a long long time.

The Lions on the other hand have struggled remarkably through the first six weeks, registering their only victory of the season last week against the equally inept Saskatchewan Roughriders, so for the Lions, Saturday night is the true test as to where they are at the moment and if there is improvement enough to make a challenge in the West for the remainder of 2011.

There's no shortage of sub plots to the week seven finale, some redemption hoped for from the home side, a little dose of I told you so hoped to be administered perhaps from the visiting quarterback and a whole whack of trash talking as the preamble.

For two teams at opposite ends of the win loss columns this year, Saturday night could provide for some fascinating themes throughout the game.

Game time 7 PM PT (9 PM CT, 10 ET)

Pre Game

Vancouver Province-- Lions needed change from Buck
Vancouver Sun-- Bruce braced for Lions debut against Bombers
Winnipeg Free Press-- A Buck for your thoughts, Wally
Winnipeg Sun-- LaPolice stresses consistency
National Post-- Packers inspire Blue Bombers' resurgent defence Lions will have a new look for Blue Bombers

Quick Snaps British Columbia Lions
Quick Snaps Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Post Game

Winnipeg 30 at British Columbia 17
Attendance-- 24,131

Vancouver Province-- Nice start ends in misery for B. C. Lions
Vancouver Sun-- Blue Bombers pulverize Lions
Winnipeg Free Press-- Bombers beat Lions and go 6-1 on the season
Winnipeg Sun-- Bombers show that Swaggerville strut
Globe and Mail-- Blue Bombers shell listless Lions
National Post-- Bombers post first 6-1 start since 1984

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