Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lost in the land of the Lions

Bewilderment, frustration, maybe even a little bit of confusion, all of which might be fine descriptions of the current state of the BC Lions, one win to their credit in the 2011 season, six losses deep into a campaign that is clearly not going as hoped for.

The Lions return tenure at their temporary home of Empire Fields has not been the feel good chapter of their history that they may have anticipated.

In fact as a blog entry at the bclionsden points out, the trend on attendance is decidedly going the wrong way, something that must be giving upper management cause for concern.

On the field, Empire Field hasn't exactly provided for a great advantage either, the won loss record is heavily weighted on the losing side since they moved in,  6 losses and 3 wins in 2010, and with but 1 win and 3 losses so far in 2011.

No doubt leaving them anxious to return to the friendly confines of the rebuilt BC Place in September, though the losing skid of 2011 isn't going to do much for pushing demand, rather the Lions will be counting on the  "new and improved" factor of the stadium to perhaps bring in some larger crowds.

What they do with those crowds and how they build upon them will be totally up to the Lions, but at the moment they seem rather out of ideas on how to turn things around on the field.

The mood around the Lions den seems to be one quiet concern, not quite ready to hit the panic button, but no doubt aware that if things don't make a turn as soon as this weekend, then some kind of changes will have to be made, whether with the on field talent or even in the coaching and management ranks.

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With Vancouver hosting this years Grey Cup celebrations, hopes were high that the hometown Lions might be the Western representative, setting the scene for a Pacific coast celebration with a home town rooting interest.

However, with one third of the CFL season now in the books, a Grey Cup berth is the least of the concerns for the Lions management and their fans at the moment.

Instead maybe just putting together a couple of wins and for those that really dare to dream, perhaps snaring the last playoff spot in November, most likely a cross over battle that at this point will pit the Lions up against the Argos and Riders for the role of least inept of the inept.

Fans of the teams to the east should best keep their eyes on the standings heading into the playoffs of November, if things keep going as they have on the west coast, there could be some pretty impressive Grey Cup deals available for Grey Cup Sunday!

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