Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Quick Snaps Proposed Ottawa Franchise - August 2011

Items of note that don't get the full blog treatment, but offer up news and background on the conditional franchise in Ottawa.

August 31-- Seek legal costs from failed lawsuits, finance committee urges City of Ottawa
August 30-- Lansdowne Park is Scotiabank Place redux
August 28-- A parallel stadium universe in L. A.
August 25-- City of Ottawa's Lansdowne legal tab to swell by another $200,000
August 25-- City of Ottawa lawyers slowing court process, boosting costs: Friends of Lansdowne
August 25-- 'Annoying' Friends shouldn't have to pay for suit
August 23-- Marshall in Ottawa would be precious
August 19-- Anti-Friends Facebook page launched
August 18-- Watson wants city to be able to recover legal costs
August 18-- Groundhog Day for Lansdowne Park
August 18-- CFL, NASL unfazed by Lansdowne appeal
August 18-- Lansdowne delay tough on taxpayers
August 18-- Lansdowne appeal unlikely to succeed: Developer
August 17-- Friends of Lansdowne to appeal Hackland decision
August 17-- Ottawa city council committee considers Lansdowne project delays, revisions
August 14-- For Ottawa CFL fans, patience is key
August 13-- One thing's certain, we won't have an Ottawa Rough Riders team
August 13-- Ottawa football fans can't be blamed for being a little lackadaisical
August 12-- Lansdowne end-date delayed two years
August 3-- Lansdowne Park work still months away

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